VNC Viewer Enterprise Edition

VNC Viewer Enterprise Edition 4.1

This edittion provides secure, robust and easily-administered remote-control
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VNC Viewer Enterprise Edition 4.1 is a viewer-only program that works as a client for the famous remote administration tool called VNC and all VNC-compatible servers. The program supports various platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, HP-UX 11 and Solaris. VNC Viewer Enterprise Edition doesn't require, any installations and you can execute the file directly; this enables you to carry the program with you on a Flash memory stick, ready to be used on any computer.

The program has an option to choose the type of encryption. You can set the encryption type to "always", which is useful to make sure that your passwords and keystrokes are not viewable by malicious users in your local or remote networks; or you can set the encryption type to "always off". Or you can let the server choose whether the connection should be encrypted or not. In addition, the program provides many options to control the bandwith, which affects the management speed. Various remote session variables can be set from the advanced options, such as the scaling, compression degree and others. You can configure the client to automatically disconnect current remote sessions. The connection type can also be set to "direct connection", "Use Internet Explorer's proxy" or you may define your own.

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  • Portable
  • Small in size
  • Bandwidth saving options
  • Supports x86 and x64 systems


  • No file transfer support
  • No client-server chat support
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